Between June 2008 and June 2013, the Health Policy and Health Finance (HPHF) Knowledge Hub provided support for significant health system reforms across the Asia-Pacific region, through a concerted program of evidence-based research, field studies, technical training, and high-level policy consultations.

Hosted by the Nossal Institute for Global Health, the HPHF Hub was one of four ‘Knowledge Hubs’ funded by AusAID to promote more effective Australian support to the region’s health sector. The Hub directly influenced the development of several progressive policies and financing strategies, including a national framework for health equity funds in Cambodia, legislation for tax relief for not-for-profit hospitals in Indonesia, and the streamlining of regional health meetings in the Pacific.

The Hub engaged with partner researchers in India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Vietnam, PNG and the Pacific on a range of studies and analyses on key health policy issues, which resulted in the production of 34 substantive working papers and 16 summary briefs. These papers represent a significant contribution to knowledge on policy issues such as: pathways to achieve Universal Health Coverage, the governance and regulation of mixed health systems, efforts to address the rise of non-communicable diseases, and financing for health systems in the Pacific.

Hub researchers also reported critical changes in attitudes and relationships among country partners, including growing collaborations between policymakers, researchers and health providers, and increased uptake of new planning approaches as a result of the Pacific Flagship Course. These ongoing developments are vital for the broader engagement of governments with civil society and the private sector and for future health sector reforms.