About our staff


Krishna Hort, Head of the Hub and the Health Systems Strengthening, the Nossal 

Dr Hort leads activities in health systems, focusing on health finance, governance and decentralisation. He has a background in paediatrics and public health, and has worked in health assistance programs in Bangladesh, Philippines, China, Laos, Vietnam and Indonesia.

His interests include health systems reform, the relationship between knowledge and policy, environmental health, maternal and child health, and mechanisms for development assistance.


Peter Annear, Senior Research Fellow

Dr Annear is a health economist and health financing specialist with over 15 years experience working the health sector in Cambodia and the Lao PDR. He has also worked in a number of Asian countries as a consultant and advisor for Ministries of Health, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, AusAID and other international agencies.

His interests include pro-poor health financing strategies, demand-side health financing and health equity funds.

Portrait photo of Shakil Ahmed

Shakil Ahmed, Research Fellow

Dr Ahmed has worked in research development, implementation and management at the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICCDR,B), United Nations Population Fund, Bangladesh and the University of Adelaide.

His interests include development and implementation of health care financing research and policy-oriented health systems research projects.


Tanya Caulfield, Research Officer

Tanya has worked with many women’s organisations and non-government organisations in India and several international humanitarian and development agencies, undertaking research on humanitarian and development issues.

Her research interests include sexuality, gender, difference and identity in India.   


Nami Kurimoto, Research Officer

Nami is a Research Officer in the Hub working on health system strengthening for social protection in Cambodia.

She has extensive experience in research and managing programs in reproductive health, HIV/AIDS prevention and non-formal education, working at Tulane University, the World Bank and international non-government organisations.

Nami has also done field work in Burkina Faso, Kenya, Malawi, the Philippines and Tanzania. Her main research interests are gender, access to health care services and community-driven development.  

Matthias Nachtnebel, Research Officer

Matthias has an extensive research background, including a Masters of Public Health, Global Health and Population, as well as a Master of Applied Epidemiology.

Prior to joining the Hub, Matthias worked for the Therapeutic Goods Administration, where he evaluated vaccines and anti-infective agents.

He has extensive experience studying and working in overseas contexts and is currently working on dual practice in low-and middle-income countries. 


Amanda Benson, Program Coordinator - Pacific

Amanda oversees our work in the Pacific region and has over 10 years experience in program management. She was previously Asia Program Manager with Save the Children and also worked with Oxfam Australia, UNESCO in Hanoi and the Victorian Department of Justice.

She is particularly interested in the areas of aid effectiveness and gender mainstreaming, and has studied sociology, anthropology and international development.

Portrait photo of Aparna Kunungo

Aparna Kunungo, Senior Project Officer

Aparna has worked in international development for over 15 years, managing and providing technical advice to programs in developing countries. She has lived and worked in Asia, Africa and the Pacific with not-for-profit organisations, as well as government and international donor agencies. Prior to joining the Hub, Aparna was Alliance Program Manager with Save the Children Australia.

Portrait photo of Michelle Kelsey

Michelle Kelsey, Hub Manager

Michelle is the Hub Manager for the Health Policy and Health Finance Knowledge Hub at the Nossal Institute for Global Health. Prior to joining the Nossal Institute, Michelle worked as the Program Manager Economic Development at Aboriginal Affairs NSW. Michelle has a background in multi-sector project management and has worked in development and emergency relief programs in Africa, Asia and South Asia.