Technical Review meeting

October 2011


In-country partners and technical advisors converged on the Hub in October to assess work being undertaken in each them and discuss obstacles and opportunities for achieving objectives.

This meeting provoked interest in better linking research and policy, building networks and links with Ministries of Health policy-makers and mechanisms for research capacity building.


Friday 7th October

  1. Health systems concepts and health systems research (.pptx) – Barbara Mcpake
  2. Strategies for capacity building for health systems research in LMIC: Some lessons and ideas from ICDDRB (.pptx) – Kris Hort, Nossal
  3. Needs for research capacity and experiences so far from Vietnam (.pptx) – Tran Thi Mai Oanh, HSPI
  4. Experience in capacity building for health system research (HSR) in Cambodia (.pptx) – Ir Por, NIPH
  5. Hospital reform in Indonesia (.pptx) – Shita Dewi, UGM
  6. Hospital autonomy: Vietnam experiences (.pptx) – Khuong Anh Tuan, HSPI

Monday 10th October

  1. Pacific network for NHA and evidence based policy making update (.pptx) – Martina Pellny, WHO
  2. Use of regional networks for policy influence: the HIS Knowledge Hub experience (.pptx) – Maxine Whittaker, HIS Hub
  3. Strengthening church and government partnerships for primary health care delivery in Papua New Guinea: Lessons from the international experience (.pptx) – Judith Ascroft, Nossal
  4. Mixed commercialized health systems: the implications for regulation and stewardship (.pptx) – Kris Hort, Nossal
  5. How the non-state sector engage to stewardship of mixed system in Vietnam (.pptx) – Khuong Anh Tuan
  6. Recent research and thinking on health policy and systems (.pptx) – Devaki Nambiar, Public Health Foundation Of India

Tuesday 11th October

  1. Progress towards universal health care coverage in asia and the pacific (.ppt) – Marco Roncarti UNESCAP
  2. The path to Universal Coverage: The World Health Report 2010 (.ppt) – Martina Pellny, WHO
  3. Update from Malaysia conference. Universal coverage: can we guarantee health for all? (.pptx) – Shakil Ahmed, Nossal Perspective
  4. Jampersal maternity insurance as a step towards universal coverage and health equity: experience of Indonesia (.pptx) – Soewarta Kosen
  5. From research to policy: An example of how Indonesia’s NSP study result influenced a policy (.ppt) – Shita Dewi, UGM
  6. Saving lives: AusAID’s approach to health in developing countries (.ppt) – Beth Slayter, AusAID
  7. Roadmap to universal coverage in Cambodia (.pptx) – Ros Chhuneang
  8. Progress and strategy to achieve Universal Coverage in Lao PDR (.pptx) – Chansaly Phommavong
  9. Roles of development assistance in supporting health systems policy formulation and reform in Indonesia (.pptx) – Soewarta Kosen
  10. Aligning the work of the SWGs to support health policy making/reform (.pptx) – Bouaphat Phonvisay