The Hub researches a range of health policy and health financing options throughout Asia with local partners to improve equitable access to quality health services in the region.

Our key focus is on mechanisms for universal health coverage and stewardship of mixed public/private health systems.

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Non-communicable diseases cause more deaths in Bangladesh each year than infectious diseases. Addressing their impact on the health system is essential to improving health outcomes of Bangladeshi people.

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Expenditures for health care are a major cause of poverty and impoverishment in Cambodia. The impressive coverage of demand-side health financing schemes has helped reduce financial barriers to access to health services for the poor. A more integrated health financing system would further reduce these barriers.

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The rapidly growing private sector and parallel increasing commercialisation of the public sector in Indonesia has brought about poor distribution of resources and inequity in access. Stewardship of the mixed health sector and regulation of the market are critical for reversing these trends.

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The private health sector is important in bridging the gaps in public health care in India, but it also widens the gap in health outcomes between the rich and the poor. Innovative reforms and better regulation will strike a better balance between public and private health service provision.

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Providing access to quality health care is a major challenge in Laos. Unifying the existing four social protection schemes in a single national health insurance authority is a considerable step towards universal coverage.

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Liberalisation of private investment and the growth of private facilities in the Vietnamese health sector have created problems of equity in access and efficiency in use of resources. Greater government stewardship would help bring the private sector into line with public health objectives.

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