The Hub researches a range of health financing and policy options for Pacific Island countries with local partners to improve equitable  access to quality health services in the region.

Coordinated sector-wide approaches, good governance and  capacity building are essential to meeting the challenges to health systems  brought about by growing numbers of actors in health sectors and the rise of non-communicable diseases.

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Training representatives of Fiji's health sector in how to strengthen health systems and financing is a basic but essential step towards improving the health system’s capacity to meet the needs of Fijians.

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Papua New Guinea

Church health services play a vital role in primary health care in PNG. Strengthening the partnership between government and church health service providers would improve the health system’s efficiency considerably.

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Samoa’s health system is characterised by high levels of development assistance and numerous actors, but strong governance and institutional capacity have formed the foundations for a coordinated sector-wide approach to health.

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Solomon Islands

Increasing levels of development assistance for health and growth in the number of actors in the Solomon Islands health sector have raised concern about the effectiveness of aid delivery. A coordinated sector-wide approach is essential to improving the capacity and efficiency of the health system to meet the increasingly complex health needs of Solomon Islanders.

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Non-communicable diseases are increasing in Tonga, creating serious challenges for the health system. Documenting work targeting these diseases is important in building an evidence base for addressing this trend through health financing and policy reforms.