Dr Nathan Grills

Nossal Institute for Global Health
Level 4, Alan Gilbert Building
Corner of Barry and Grattan Streets (161 Barry St)
The University of Melbourne
Carlton, Victoria, 3010
(Aust) +61(0)448677600 
(India) +91(0) 9997895629

Dr Nathan Grills is a public health physician undertaking post-doctoral research through the Nossal.

He is exploring the effectiveness of networking between community health programs in low-income countries and will use social network analysis to explore linking with the government health system, training programs and health outreach in the state.

As a participant observer with one such network in North India, the Uttarakhand cluster, he will coordinate network-wide health programs. These include an anti-tobacco program, a disability awareness program and various health training activities.

Nathan has worked with CDC (India) and the WHO, exploring the civil society and faith-based responses to HIV-AIDS in India.

He has also worked in health in Nepal, Fiji, India, PNG, Tanzania, Kenya and Thailand.